Welcome to Kanpachi!

Traditional edomae-style sushi restaurant.
Serving the community since 1978.


Edomae-Style Sushi

Out of the many variations of sushi that existed back in the old days in Japan, Edomae sushi established itself as a very popular style in the 1800s when more and more commoners were able to hold their own businesses and sell sushi off the streets. The main appeal was its inexpensive-ness and the speed in which people were able to just eat and go – aka fast food.

Many edomae sushi chefs during that time experimented with the fish by ways of marinating, boiling and steaming them with all sorts of sauces and broths.

Modern sushi chefs have elevated the quality and taste of sushi by dedicating countless years perfecting the techniques honed by their predecessors. The quality we produce here at Kanpachi is no different.


Visit our Sister Restaurant that specializes in American fusion-style sushi and enjoy a wide variety of rolls.


Sushiya No Kanpachi to Kanpachi Sushi Delivery

Sushiya No Kanpachi of Gardena, California celebrated its 42nd anniversary on March, 2020. Following this achievement, the former owner and Grand Master Chef passed his legacy on to his successor, Brian Tatsuguchi after pouring his heart and soul into training him for over 10 years.

The restaurant is now called Kanpachi Sushi and Brian has taken big steps in expanding the Kanpachi concept into the Greater Los Angeles area in the form of a to-go and delivery concept and will be called Kanpachi Sushi Delivery. Brian is responsible for all of the fish and rice quality for all of the Kanpachi concepts by directly prepping all of the food and recipes himself.

We hope to continue spreading everything Kanpachi has to offer moving forward and are excited to serve you!